Become a Partner to Wine on the Vine

The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF) is a new Israel-based, US-registered nonprofit whose purpose is to rebuild Zionism for the 21st century by finding exciting new ways to connect to Israel.

Our first project, Wine on the Vine, is a secure and highly customizable e-Commerce fundraising platform for nonprofits, which also supports Israel’s viniculture. We believe it is a unique win-win-win opportunity for you, for Israel and for TIIF.

Why Plant Vines?

There are few better ways to establish a tangible relationship with Israel than to be literally rooted in its soil; for a donation of just $18 apiece, individuals can plant a vine with leading wineries across the country while benefiting a cause they care about—your cause.

The Jewish people’s ties to grape cultivation and winemaking stretch back 3,500 years. Wine remained an essential part of Jewish religious life throughout the centuries, but it’s been part of the Zionist story too. In 1882, at the beginning of the first aliyah Baron Edmond de Rothschild established two wineries at Rishon L’tzion and Zichron Ya’acov, along with vineyards to feed them. The return of the grapevine to the Land meant much more than just reviving ancient tradition; the vines were from Château Lafite and the winemakers were from Bordeaux. As with so many other areas, Israel’s winemakers have strived from the beginning to achieve world-class excellence as a way to enrich the nation and the meaning of life itself.

Why Sell Vines?

The promotion and planting of vines in Israel is a natural and directly emotive way for your organization to connect with donors, alumni, families, and students, and to find new supporters of all ages. We would offer you a significant return of for each vine purchased through a customized landing page designed for you.

Bringing It All Together

WOTV can help reach a new generation. Millennials have a particularly strong connection to both wine and the environment. Coupled with this unique tie to Israel, a vine purchase makes for a very contemporary and creative link to Israel. Whether it’s celebrating life events of those they love, supporting Israeli wine, connecting to Israel’s soil and importantly, supporting your organization with a tax-deductible (for US persons) donation, there is a range of compelling and enduring reasons for people to buy vines. The Israel Innovation Fund has designed the platform to enable you to:

  1. Efficiently generate significant income through a largely passive turnkey solution.
  2. Provide tax-deductible receipts for all vine purchases 3. Strengthen your relationship with families, alumni and supporters. 4. Connect with, and support the people and land of Israel in a tangible way. We maximize your benefits in every phase of the partnership by providing:
    • Turnkey operation: The Fund handles maintenance, scaling, security and upgrades.
    • Customization: The landing page will be designed exclusively for you and can also be used to promote other events and news of interest for the organization.
    • Transparency: We will always provide up to date clear summaries of revenue sharing and cost break-down.
    • Data analytics: We will also provide detailed breakdowns of sales analysis that provide useful insights about your supporters’ participation.
    • Marketing support: We will work with you to develop marketing techniques and opportunities to promote sales including customized videos, ads and events.
    • Promotional credits: We will also provide you with a bank of credits for free vines that your leadership can use for internal purposes while simultaneously spreading the word about your own Wine On The Vine initiative.

Your success in forging lasting meaningful relationships with so many who maintain lifelong bonds with Israel creates a wide and deep base for this new and unique project. We believe the potential to grow this mutually beneficial partnership together is simply enormous. We look forward to working with you on this exciting venture.