The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF)

Our vision at TIIF is a world where contemporary Israeli culture (‘Hebrew culture’) achieves global success. We believe Hebrew culture will provide a source of common identity for the Jewish Diaspora and a means for people of all backgrounds to connect with Israel, regardless of religious identity and political orientation. TIIF incubates projects that highlight Hebrew culture’s creative successes to new audiences outside Israel. Although we are a non-profit our core goal is to ensure that all of our projects are financially self-sustaining in order to realize our mission to promote innovation in the Jewish non-profit world. Wine on the Vine is TIIF’s first project. Based in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, TIIF is a mix of seasoned veterans from the nonprofit industry and creative young millennials with their finger on the pulse of the next generation. Although our staff is largely in Israel we are also a US registered 501(c)(3).

TIIF Index Fund

Can’t pick a favorite charity from the list? Got more than one charity you’d like to give to? Don’t worry! The TIIF Index Fund will distribute the gift from your vine purchase equally among all of the nonprofits on this page. We’ve carefully selected all of our charitable beneficiaries on the basis of impact, innovation, and efficiency – in short organizations that make a difference to the land and people of Israel. You can’t go wrong with any of them!


The Jewish Movement for Social Change is the leading movement at the intersection of the fields of Jewish culture and social action. Today BINA runs cultural, social and educational programs that reach more than 50,000 Israelis and individuals from all over the world each year. While our range of activities is broad and diverse, all of our programs work together to serve our mission, and each program includes elements of at least one or more of our three pillars of activity: (1) Limud – Pluralistic Jewish Learning (2) Ma’ase – Social Action (3) Kehilla – Community-Building.

What does it mean to be Jewish in the 21st century? - Meet the...

What does it mean to be Jewish in the 21st century? Meet the diverse students and teachers of BINA's Secular Yeshiva and hear their inspring answers.Click here to donate to BINA today!

Posted by BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change on Thursday, 29 December 2016

Darca Schools

Darca Schools is the #1 high school network in Israel as recognized by the Ministry of Education. Darca provides Israeli high school students in lower income, peripheral communities—regardless of ability, religion, and birthplace, geographic or socio-economic status—with top quality STEM education designed to improve social mobility. All Darca schools emphasize academic achievement and the values of tolerance, democracy, and active participation in national and communal life.

In addition to a rigorous curriculum, Darca offers its students many innovative and empowering educational opportunities, including coding studies for junior high school students, game-based learning, space studies, STEM, experiential English language learning, career and financial education, and negotiation courses.

Darca currently operates a network of 28 high schools and 2 English learning centers in 16 Israeli cities, educating over 15,000 Jewish, Druze and Arab students in some of the country’s most disadvantaged communities. Darca’s schools are widely dispersed geographically – from Kiryat Shmona in the north all the way to the Arava in the far south.

Esek Mishelach

Economic Empowerment for women (EEW), founded in 2000 by women active in Haifa’s feminist organizations, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving women’s lives through economic empowerment.
Its mission is to supply low-income women in Israel with the knowledge and tools to create their own small businesses as a means for gaining financial self-sufficiency and alleviating the cycle of poverty in which they live. EEW has developed model programs that have been adopted by government and non-profit organizations for their own low-income populations. In 2008 EEW was awarded the Speaker of the Knesset Prize for the Quality of Life and in 2011 the Division of Women Affairs within the Office of the Prime Minister awarded a public tender to EEW to provide economic empowerment courses to women throughout Israel for two years and again in 2012 a similar tender from the department for the Arab population awarded EEW a similar tender for Arab women. EEW also take part in a coalition of women’s organization working towards policy change on issues regarding women in business and the workforce.

EEW's 15 year celebrations15 שנות עשייה זה בהחלט זמן מכובד לעצור רגע ולהביט לאחור. הסרטון הבא, אותו הצגנו בכנס ביום חמישי, יספר לכם על ההישגים שלנו ומי אנחנו כעמותה. מוזמנים לצפות ולשתף.15 سنة هي مدة كافية للنظر صوب ما مضى وما كان لنا من إنجازات في الجمعية. مقطع الفيديو التالي، الذي عرضناه في احتفالنا يوم الخميس، سيروي لكم عنا وعن انجازاتنا، ندعوكم للمشاهدة وادعوا اصدقائكم للمشاهدة ايضاً.On Jan 15th 2015 we began our 15 year celebrations at the Colony hotel In Haifa.Our Haifa business forum participants, staff, board, supporters, founders and friends shared stories about EEW over the years.We saw a wonderful movie about a unique partnership between an Israeli and Palestinian business women and debuted out short film about EEW that we are happy to share will all of you.

Posted by ‎העמותה להעצמה כלכלית לנשים‎ on Sunday, 18 January 2015

Educating for Excellence

Educating for Excellence (E4E) was founded in 1999 and aims to reduce social gaps in Israel by creating equal educational opportunities for children with potential for excellence who reside within the country’s social and geographic periphery. E4E helps these children reach the top of their potential – excel in school, obtain a general education, integrate within Israeli society and develop as contributing citizens and leaders within their communities. E4E guides its students for a duration of 10 years – from age 8 to 18 – and continues guiding them throughout the graduate program, until they are employed in meaningful professional positions.
E4E operates 40 Educational Excellence Centers nationwide, catering to over 2,500 students. We do so with the active help of over 800 university students who serve as positive role models. E4E believes that an intensive, long-term investment in each student will generate social change on the individual, communal and national levels. The E4E program takes place 4 days a week, 12–16 hours per week, over 10 years between the 3rd – 12th grades – and afterwards in our Alumni Program.


Kolech, founded in 1998, is the first Orthodox Jewish feminist organization in Israel.  Kolech aims to increase public awareness and bring about change in Israeli religious society.  It seeks to disseminate the values of gender equality and mutual respect, to encourage equal opportunities for women in the public arena, including the advancement of women’s rights in religious and halachic spheres. Kolech encourages greater equality for women in matters of personal status, such as marriage and divorce, and is in the forefront of an uncompromising battle against all forms of gender violence.

Kolech today is one of Israel’s most prominent feminist organizations as well as an influential leader in Modern Orthodox society.

Karen Miller Jackson invites you to the Kolech Conference

The 10th Kolech Conference is in a week! Join our board member, Karen Miller Jackson who will be speaking at the conference alongside more than 100 distinguished speakers.Get your tickect now! -

Posted by Kolech: Religious Women's Forum on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Mavoi Satum

A non-profit that provides legal, emotional, psychological, support to women and empowerment training who have been refused a Jewish divorce (get), simultaneously engaged in finding a solution to the problem of divorce refusal in the State of Israel. One out of every five Jewish women in Israel is unable to exit her marriage freely. Jewish law (Halakhah), supported by Israeli law, gives absolute authority over marriage and divorce to the religious courts. This empowers men to be the sole executors of the divorce process, leaving women vulnerable to extortion, manipulation, and abuse. Thousands of such women are confined for extended periods of time, even decades, in a state of limbo and unable to rebuild their lives.


A unique network of local Palestinians and Israelis who have come to see each other as the partners we both need to make changes to end our conflict. Based on a mutual recognition of each People’s connection to the Land, we are developing understanding and solidarity despite our ideological differences. Roots is a place where local peoples can take responsibility. Our work is aimed at challenging the assumptions our communities hold about each other, building trust and creating a new discourse around the conflict in our respective societies. This is a grassroots and local model for making change — from the bottom up.

Save A Child’s Heart

Save a Child’s Heart is an Israeli-based international, non-profit organization known worldwide for its commitment to saving lives by improving the quality of cardiac care for children from developing countries and creating centers of medical competence in these countries. Save a Child’s Heart provides life-saving cardiac surgery and other lifesaving procedures at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel. The Save a Child’s Heart doctors and nurses also hold preoperative and follow up cardiology clinics in Israel and abroad on a weekly basis.

Save a Child’s Heart offers a training program within Israel for doctors and nurses from developing countries and leads surgical and teaching missions to partner countries. To date, Save a Child’s Heart saved the lives of more than 4,500 children from 55 countries in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and throughout the Middle East and trained more than 150 medical team members from these countries.

By mending hearts, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, or financial status, Save a Child’s Heart contribute to a more peaceful and productive world; a happier, healthier world, and a better world for all children and their families.

The Lone Soldier Center

The Israeli Lone Soldier Program provides individual guidance for each participating member. For many who partake in the program, their mentor is the sole individual in their lives who can provide consultation and guidance, who they can speak to openly and from whom they may receive advice. When participants are ready, they receive further guidance from a volunteer or a host family.

The program holds individual and group training sessions, ranging from basic knowledge of English and math to basic personal finance. In general, the organization aids participants in acquiring basic life skills to help them succeed long term.

The Lone Soldier Center provides solutions for lone soldiers’ basic needs and financial aid is available in critical cases as a temporary solution. The organization also helps soldiers find housing, including room and board on a kibbutz, apartments, and even a lone soldier house in Jerusalem.

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