Tel Aviv Wine Club

300.00 / month

Discover the world of winemaking with Tel Aviv Wine Club. With no hours of research required, you have access to some of the best wines around the globe. Our thoughtfully-curated club carefully selects

Four bottles of wine each month
, giving you a selection of red or red/white combinations that perfectly fit your style and preference.

Navigating vast international vineyards can be complicated, but our Monthly Wine Club makes it simple -if you’re looking for top-notch wines from powerful winemakers and varied flavor profiles, we have it all in one place. Relax and enjoy the dozens of possibilities without having to worry about researching or analyzing unfamiliar labels or regions.

Now is your chance to explore and appreciate wines from all over the globe with TEL AVIV MONTHLY WINE CLUB – dive into the vastness and complexity that comes with international winemaking, with exciting new discoveries just a few clicks away!

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